Meet The Maker


Founder, functional medicine practitioner, mama bear, coffee lover and self-care lover, Jelka Leedle is the heartbeat and hard work behind the brand. When Jelka was in grad school completing her doctorate in nurse as a nurse practitioner she discovered the world of functional medicine. It opened her eyes to power of eating real whole foods and of true wellness. Jelka subsequently purged her home of toxic skincare products, shifted her nutrition and lifestyle and began formulating her own clean and natural skincare products.


Ingredients: Fewer is Better

Our commitment to you is an unwavering and relentless pursuit to honor the raw + sensual + playful nature of being a woman.

And it all starts by thoughtfully curating organic, fair trade ingredients from all over the world.

Followed by a splash or two of stimulating aromatics.

Add a touch of shimmer here and there and you're left with a #JELKAglowup.